OUR PARTICIPANT'S "Lasting Images"

Every year we recieve beautiful letters of apperication. Below we have added some of our favorites. If you have traveled with us, we would love to read about your experience. Please send us an email.

Roberta and Henry

See you next year!

Henry and Roberta,

You are two people who really know how to live and enable others to share in the wonders of life.

Looking forward to seeing you next year in London and Dublin.

Susan T. CA

Thanks for the Memories

Hello Roberta and Henry,

I’m not sure when you returned, but by now you probably are back on track here.

It usually takes me awhile after I return.

Anyway, I want to say how much I enjoyed the trip to Italy; I can see why you love that country so much.

The art is so beautiful it defies words, the countryside is peaceful and lovely and the history and the exuberance of the Italians are wonderful to enjoy.

Not to mention the food!!! Your excellent attention to details was evident in everything we did. I will be remembering the trip and all the experiences for a long time.

Also, I love your contagious enthusiasm and love of art!!!

Pat D, AZ

What a great team you 2 make!

There were so many details you looked after to make this a wonderful adventure. All in all, an incredible, unforgettable adventure. You both showed such imagination and sensitivity and caring plus professionalism. Thank you for everything!

Sharon P.

Truly Lasting Memories

We couldn't even think of one highlight, there were so many. The memories of sitting in the gardens at the Villa Farnese, Ninfa, Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli, Tiberius' Grotto and the Hotel Miramare will be forever tucked into a peaceful place in our minds. Then, there was all that fabulous food! We're having olive oil withdrawal as I write! Thank you for arranging those lovely meals.

Suzanne & Bruce D.

Roberta and Henry are THE dynamic duo

Roberta has the artful eye for unusual, quaint, picturesque sights, the sophisticated palate of wonderfully delicious authentic meals from appetizer through pasta first plates, meat and vegetable second courses, and let us not forget dessert, interspersed with aqua frizzante and wine of the hour plus the absolute love of the Italy of historic yesteryear and the bustling cordial gentle people of today. Henry is the unparalleled DETAIL man who produces much needed detailed maps so you can't get lost, captures schedules and routes so you don't spend the night on the park bench and with a most charming wit and remembrance, hustles everyone to be on time, courteous to one another and most of all, to have one heck of a good time!

Karen F.

You Spoiled Me

Henry and Roberta, I think you spoiled me for any other tour groups. Your attention to detail made our travel exciting and full of pleasant surprises. I especially loved our visit to the seaside village of Tellaro, our memorable open air lunch and the walk through the narrow streets with the heavy cloud cover and the threats of rain. I think some of my best pictures were taken that day.

Carol D, CA

We'll Be Back for More...

Dear Roberta and Henry,

We are well back into our routine but we are still savoring the wonderful trip to Tuscany and Umbria. It was the best of everything!

Roberta, you managed to put so many special experiences into each day that on the third day out, we felt like we'd seen the sights of a week. We never could have found all those beautiful vistas, restaurants and shops in a dozen trips on our own. Each day was a jewel. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm and planning. Your desire to share what you love with us was beautiful. You sifted through all you had seen and experienced and chose the best for us! You must have been Italian in your past life! We felt like special guests and not at all like tourists.

Henry, we miss your jokes and attention to detail. Because you worried about passport and tickets and money exchanges and etc and etc, we didn't have to. What a relief. We appreciate your taking on that responsibility for us. We're sorry we didn't have a chance to see you jitterbug, but it's good to have something saved for next time.

If life cooperates, we intend to join you in Venice and Northern Lakes next year so keep us informed as the trip develops."

Thanks again for the best trip ever, Suzanne and Bruce D.

Spoiled Forever

Dear Roberta and Henry,

By the time you two return, I'm sure your mail box will be bursting with notes of praise and thanks for leading your group of artists on such a perfectly fabulous journey through Tuscany and Umbria ... Truly Roberta, you must be the travel industry's best kept secret because once someone goes to Italy with you ... they are spoiled forever. I know I am. It was an incredibly beautiful trip! Perfect in every way. I'm already looking forward to my next adventure in Italy with you.

The accommodations were wonderful and of course we all agreed ... we didn't just eat ... we "dined" (on some of the best food I've ever tasted). But most of all, I will never forget each and every small village and town we had an opportunity to visit. The lack of crowds and tourists, made it especially grand for all of us because we had an opportunity to see how the Italians really live (and they live quite well). Your enthusiasm and delight in taking us to these special places made it seem like it was the very first time you had been there yourself and it was hard to believe you've been doing these trips for 15 years. Each day was a "jewel" and perfectly planned.

My 12 rolls of film came out just fine, should have taken more but I doubt if the beauty of the country could ever be captured on film. I have enough material to keep me sketching and painting for a long time.

And last of all ... dear, dear Henry ... you are the best detail man around (and your jokes are funny). You kept tabs on us all, made sure we had our passports, stayed on time and saw to it that we all made the right connections for our destinations. We appreciated every single thing you did. Since I'm kind of a nervous traveler and not that experienced with airports, your presence was extremely reassuring to me.

I could go on and on but I think you get the idea ... I was just thrilled with everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'll look forward to joining you again."

With big hugs and fondest regards, Gloria

The 'Travel' Bar is Set Really High Now!

During this past June I had the pleasure of participating in a "tour" organized by Roberta Kritzia of "Personalized Travel." The name of her company is very appropriate since the "tour" doesn't really feel like a tour but a "personal" group of new friends traveling together.

During this 10 day tour we stayed in Lucca, Lake Maggiore, and Venice. Roberta selected small, quaint and intimate hotels, excellent restaurants and day trips.

This trip was very memorable for me and will set the standard by which I will measure all other future tours in which I participate. I loved it!!!"

Shirley Good, Ed.D., Dana Point, CA


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