Roberta Kritzia, busy as artist, teacher and Travel Guide

sonoran news logoRoberta Kritzia considers herself a “Renaissance” artist. She embodies the spirit of the Renaissance in her art work thanks largely to her training under the tutelage of nationally recognized artist teacher Theodore Lukits, who inspired her appreciation for classical painting. “He told me to study all the great masters in the history of art,” she reflects. She mentions Leonardo, Raphael, Velasquez and other masters, with an artist’s affection, and the Renaissance influence is clearly evident in her paintings and renderings in multi media.

While a student of the classics, her own work integrates her continuous and extensive exposure to the works and styles of artists in many countries with particular emphasis on those in Scandinavia and Italy. She is a contemporary artist who interprets the modern world with a style that relates to the masters in a uniquely developed individuality of texture, color glazing and brushwork.

Roberta Kritzia’s work is recognized internationally. Her paintings are owned and have been commissioned extensively in Japan, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Germany, Israel and Italy. In the U.S. a recent example is a portrait of Henry Huntington commissioned by the Ritz-Carlton Huntington Hotel in Pasadena.

Her own painting expression and progression has been frequently punctuated and enhanced with interludes of teaching art through public programs, at educational facilities and privately in her own studios, as well as through private and public exhibitions of her work.

Kritzia however registered a turning point in her life with a painting excursion to Italy in 1985. Her exposure to Italian artists, sculptors and the rich artistic history of Italy began an affair with the culture and its art that continues with loving intensity to the immediate present. On that trip, a local Italian artist encouraged her to develop a countryside tour for American travelers, and she began what has become a way of life for her and her husband Henry.

For the past 27 years they have melded their talents into a unique, personalized touring experience for artists and art oriented travelers and their family and friends. Each trip is carefully crafted by Roberta and Henry to visit charming “off the beaten track” destinations in Italy, with instruction from noted teaching artist friends of Roberta’s. She characterizes their personalized tours as especially designed “visits” that capture the feeling of living in some of Europe’s magical places.


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