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Personalized Travel was established by Roberta Kritzia, professional artist & tour operator. She has guided tours to Europe since 1985. Her objectives were to take small groups of artists and their friends, to explore, paint and photograph the hidden medieval hill towns of Umbria and Tuscany, Italy.

In 1996 Henry Dalgart, a native of Denmark, joined forces with Roberta to enhance the scope of the tours. Since 2000 Personalized Travel has added Denmark and Sweden to the travels, with a second objective to expose the groups to the arts and crafts of Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, England and Ireland.


Roberta has a keen sense of aesthetics which is evident in her selection of charming, family-run hotels and tried and true restaurants for the group's pleasure. She also takes pride in offering off the beaten track locations to paint, photograph and explore. Each participant receives a portfolio full of pertinent information along with city descriptions and annotated maps for daily excursions.

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Participants on the programs often ask, "Roberta, how can tomorrow be as much fun as today was?" The groups are always amazed at Roberta and Henry's local friends and artists that interface with the participants during the tours. Artists, craftsmen, chefs and professional city guides invite only Roberta and Henry's groups to their private studios, kitchens and workshops.

Roberta and Henry do all of the tour pre-planning of the hotels, gourmet meals, private buses, and unique itineraries on all of the tours. They accompany each tour to ensure that the quality of the experience for everyone is first class.


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